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Is the foreskin too long to cut?

01 1 For patients with too long prepuce, it is best to treat them promptly, because there will be infections. If the patients are not serious, they can not be treated. However, it is best to have surgery because they will bring bacteria to women.
02 2 After surgery, it is necessary to closely observe the patient's vital signs, to observe the patient's breathing, pulse, body temperature, oxygen saturation, if the patient with excessive bleeding and exudate, you should change the gauze in time, otherwise there will be infection,
03 3 After the wound is long, keep the lower body clean and dry. Wash the lower body every day. Change the underwear every day. Carefully wash it. It is best to soak in hot water. This can be sterilized and disinfected. Then,
04 Foreskin this disease, it is best to undergo surgery to treat the disease, the surgery is actually to cut off some, it is best to be carried out at a young age, so that recovery is faster, to understand the surgery.