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Pay attention to what is not skin allergies in life

01 1 The main prevention of skin allergies is to stay away from allergens, such as some unqualified cosmetics, pollen, dust, food, drugs, pets, industrial supplies, etc.
02 2 Pay attention to diet conditioning in life. You can eat more vegetables, fruits and eat spicy and greasy food. Pay attention to balanced nutrition. Don't eat a lot of meat, milk and eggs. Common seafood, mango and nuts.
03 3 Do not expose to the sun. When the skin is exposed to light, it will form an antigenic substance and cause an allergic reaction. So be sure to pay attention to sun protection in the summer, take a sun umbrella, wear sunglasses, apply sunscreen, etc. when going out.
04 4 Pay attention to cosmetic allergies. The most typical cosmetic allergies are allergic to fragrances. Cosmetics containing alcohol will cause certain irritation to the skin.