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Can sulphur ointment treat acne?

01 1 You can go to the pharmacy to buy Lin Dan ointment and sulfur ointment. These two drugs are relatively cheap. Lin Dan Ointment is about 2-3 yuan, white cream, sulfur ointment is as cheap as a piece, but sulfur ointment has a kind.
02 2 When you take a bath, you can wash it with sulphur soap. It can kill the mites on the surface of the skin intermittently. This kind of soap is sold in supermarkets. The brand of Nais is also very good.
03 3 The first symptom of acne is that there are many small blisters between the fingers, and it is very itchy. It is difficult to fall asleep when going to sleep at night, so you should always keep the sheets and clothes clean. You can use bus disinfectant to disinfect, but this is stronger.
04 Use bus disinfectant with caution, whitening clothes and sheets