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Does the occurrence of herpes zoster have anything to do with the weather?

01 1 According to clinical statistics, this disease is generally the peak period in spring, and a small part occurs in other seasons. Some patients develop or aggravate in autumn and winter, and reduce or resolve in summer. Herpes zoster is caused by strong liver and heavy moisture.
02 2 People with tight work, long-term stress, low mood, and long-term staying up late are also prone to herpes zoster. Although herpes zoster is born on the skin, it is related to mood, liver qi stagnation, or dampness and heat in the body.
03 3 The cause of psoriasis is also related to endocrine disorders, mainly related to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and menstruation. Some patients can be relieved during pregnancy, and some are worsened. A few cases are exacerbated before and after menstruation, and also after childbirth.
04 Eat spicy hot food. Spicy and warm food such as wine, tobacco, ginger, pepper, lamb, beef and fried food, it is easy to help the fire after eating. Chinese medicine believes that herpes zoster is a hot and humid fire.