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Does mild vitiligo require treatment?

01 1 If the vitiligo patient is currently stable with white spots, and the skin lesions are slightly diffused, there is no new white spots. The following is mainly to eat some medicines. In fact, you can eat some peach red blood pills, in fact, peach red blood
02 2 If the skin lesions of patients with vitiligo spread rapidly and new white spots appear, the following medications are actually different. For example, oral whitewashing tablets plus Kebailing (or peach red
03 3 In fact, all of the above are some drugs for internal use. In fact, some drugs need to be used externally. For example, it is white, and the main ingredient is nitrogen mustard. These drugs mainly improve skin microcirculation.
04 Patients with vitiligo do not smoke or drink alcohol, and do not eat chili irritating food, do not eat seafood. Vitamin C high vegetables and fruits are also not to eat, usually still have to be happy.