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Better prevent paronychia

01 1 patients with paronychia are mostly divided into acute paronychia and chronic paronychia. The condition of paronychia can be light or heavy. Most of them are characterized by erythema, edema, and some small skin defects, which seriously affect the keratinous cortex.
02 2 patients with paronychia can take some systemic treatment, for example: acute paronychia should be taken to prevent damage to the nail bed, patients with severe illness can take systemic application of hormone drugs, chronic or can be given oral medication. For example:
03 3 patients with paronychia should pay more attention to the prevention of prevention, try not to touch the water, and contain irritating food to avoid trauma. Try to keep the hand dry to prevent the infection of paronychia.
04 Patients with paronychia should be treated promptly, follow the doctor's instructions, and protect their health.