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Will anal sex get gonorrhea?

01 1 Once you have gonorrhea, you must take oral anti-immunoglobulin drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, topical disinfectant water for treatment, do not delay the disease, pay more attention to rest, the room should pay attention to the circulation of air do not go to more people
02 2 Be sure to pay attention to personal hygiene underwear to be as comfortable as possible, do not stimulate your skin, diet should also pay attention to try not to eat some hot pot barbecue and roadside stall fried food, eat more porridge
03 3 can go to some more professional Chinese medicine hospitals under the guidance of doctors to carry out the conditioning and taking of Chinese medicine treatment, to see how the effect, but must adhere to taking it, usually must pay attention not to scratch the affected area of ​​a meter of ulceration
04 Regular visits to the hospital for examination and treatment, do not delay the illness and do not be too discouraged and desperate. Usually pay attention to personal hygiene, bathing and diligently, the black pants should be cleaned separately. Do not mix with others, do not go