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What medicine does seminal vesiculitis use?

01 1 The appearance of seminal vesiculitis often occurs together with prostatitis. The main manifestation of the patient is that there will be blood sperm, that is, the semen will appear pink or red or clots will appear in the semen. The age of high incidence is mainly twenty.
02 2 seminal vesiculitis is divided into acute and chronic, in addition to blood sperm patients will also show difficulty in urination, urinary frequency urinary urgency, or pain near the lower pubis, acute seminal vesiculitis is more intense, when
03 3 The main treatment for seminal vesiculitis is anti-inflammatory. Commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs mainly include erythromycin, penicillin or quinolones, but the specific drug should be selected according to the patient's resistance, because there are some
04 Men should pay attention to the process of treatment. The diet should be light, do not eat spicy food, alcohol and tobacco must not touch. Do not sit for a long time, so as not to cause pelvic congestion, during treatment