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What is the disease of the perianal granule? Is it genital warts?

01 1 Experts said that we can't cover the problem of \"when the perianal granule is a disease\
02 2 Apocalyptic cysts, inflammatory external hemorrhoids, rectal polyps, and rectal prolapse are harmful to the human body. If the incidence is condyloma acuminata, then patients need to pay more attention because genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease and contagious.
03 3 As far as the current form is concerned, there are many methods for treating condyloma acuminata. Among them, laser, surgery and freezing are relatively common methods. These therapies can indeed play a role in the clinical trials for treating condyloma acuminata, but
04 Xiaobian: Through the above introduction, I think everyone knows that the long granules on the perianal must be diagnosed and treated in a professional hospital, but if it is confirmed to be genital warts, then don’t take it lightly.