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Are all ichthyosis diseases inherited?

01 1 However, the reason why ichthyosis has appeared so far is not very clear now, but after research by the people, it is likely that ichthyosis is due to genetic relationship, that is, infected, and the body of the patient.
02 2 If the patient has an endocrine disorder, it will generally lead to ichthyosis, and if there are some neuropsychiatric factors, there are some people, some immune cell diseases, and some
03 3 In fact, if there are some blood diseases, if some changes in tissue diseases are not normal, there is also some abnormalities in the cell membrane formed by some keratin.
04 In fact, all ichthyosis diseases are generally inherited, because ichthyosis is also classified as general, which is divided into normal ichthyosis, as well as general joint ichthyosis, and some red-skinned