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Is syphilis very easy to relapse?

01 1 First of all, because traditional treatment methods are not thorough, the traditional traditional treatment method is drug treatment, but the problem of drug treatment is that the dosage of the medicine is insufficient. If the dose is insufficient, the treatment will not recur completely, which requires certain
02 2 Secondly, people who suffer from this disease many times are embarrassed to go to some large hospitals for treatment. They are often treated in small outpatient clinics. For example, many small clinics are not effective and effective treatment.
03 3 Finally, the problem that people who are infected with this virus often has mental stress, psychological stress is too heavy, which aggravates the condition. In addition, some patients have a history of concealing the disease, which is difficult to open, resulting in cross-infection between husband and wife.
04 It is also recommended to actively prevent syphilis in life, which requires resolutely avoiding unclean sex life in life, and it is necessary to do a good job of disinfecting the personal items in time.