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Does kidney deficiency cause alopecia areata?

01 1 Generally speaking, patients with alopecia areata are recommended for Chinese medicine treatment. Chinese medicine believes that alopecia areata is related to the patient's constitution. It should pay attention to kidney supplementation. Among them, Chinese medicine conditioning is better, and the side effects are relatively small.
02 2 Alopecia areata patients should pay attention to eat some black food, Chinese medicine believes that black food is helpful to kidney, eat more mulberry, black sesame, Polygonum, black beans, fungus, etc., but also need to quit smoking, pay attention to light diet
03 3 patients need to pay attention to their own good habits. Studies have shown that prolonged sleep deprivation can also cause diseases. It is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of patients' emotions, pay attention not to be overly nervous, and properly combine some exercises to help the disease.
04 Note that alopecia areata is a disease with a high recurrence rate. The treatment time of this disease is relatively long. It is also recommended that patients can focus on the cultivation of good habits. I wish you health and hope to help you.