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Can a shareholder be a soldier?

01 1 first: there is a femoral hernia can not be a soldier. The femoral hernia, mainly for external use of drugs, according to the condition can choose salicylate benzoate, compound benzoic acid bismuth, compound benzoic acid ointment, salicylic acid ointment,
02 2nd: The femoral hernia is an intermittent skin fungal infection. If it is in the pre-onset period, it may affect your qualifications. It is recommended to actively control the condition. If there is no disease, you should keep the perineal area dry, change underwear, underwear.
03 3 Third: According to physical examination requirements, extensive physical sputum, head lice, severe odor, hand sputum, athlete's foot, hyperthyroidism, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, chronic eczema and urticaria, neurological