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How to treat chronic eczema often acute attacks

01 1 There must be a good habit in daily life. The first thing is to catch regularly. The patient is happy for the moment, and the force is caught. The more the result is, the more itchy, the more itching and the more it catches, forming a vicious circle. In fact, the place where itching often causes
02 2 hot water scalding Some patients use hot water to wash the rash, although this can solve the itching of the moment, but will increase the degree of itching afterwards, especially acute eczema, hot water scalding can make the capillaries more transparent, promote
03 3 patients should also use less alkaline items, especially to clean the eczema area, and also eat less attention, eat less irritating food, usually food is light, do not eat spicy and cold
04 The most important point is not to abuse the drug, so it may be infected, and it is not good for the affected area. Symptomatic treatment can be scrubbed with calamine lotion, which is not irritating to the skin, or used