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What kind of disease is gonorrhea?

01 1 To prevent the occurrence of gonorrhea. The first thing to pay attention to is that we must prevent unclean sexual intercourse in daily life. Do not make love in bathing centers, or shampoo rooms and sex workers. They often have gonorrhea.
02 2 to prevent gonorrhea, not only to choose sex, but also must pay attention: when making love, it is best to wear a condom every time, so that it can effectively prevent gonorrhea, or cross infection.
03 3 To prevent the occurrence of gonorrhea, then you must maintain daily hygiene, wash your own private parts with detergent and warm water every night, and it is best to change your underwear every day, so that you can keep the genitals dry and clean.
04 Treatment of gonorrhea must go to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner, do not take medicine yourself.