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What is caused by the recurrence of flat warts?

01 1 Flat wart This disease is a contagious disease. It is mainly caused by direct contact with towels and brushes as these items. Therefore, we should pay attention to personal hygiene and the hygiene of daily necessities.
02 2 flat warts This disease is contagious. If the patient tries to scratch the affected area, it will cause the affected area. The infection will lead to the enlargement of the affected area and cause complications. Therefore, the disease should be treated as soon as possible.
03 3 patients should be active in preventing the recurrence of this disease after the treatment of flat warts. In normal life, try to develop good living habits, pay attention to indoor ventilation, clean items, and pay more attention to diet.
04 Flat warts This disease often causes recurrence. Therefore, after treatment, you should pay attention to your body, participate in outdoor activities, improve your immunity, and should be balanced in your diet.