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Can shingles be self-healing?

01 1 First of all, this disease will not heal itself, and herpes zoster is a contagious skin disease. If the patient does not have early treatment, it is easy to spread the disease to others later.
02 2 followed by drug therapy, the drug used in drug therapy is mainly antiviral. However, this method is also a main method for treating diseases. The main drugs used by patients are: acyclovir, adenosine, and arabinose.
03 3 Finally, immuno-enhancement therapy, which can prevent the patient's condition from further worsening, is also a good treatment. It can be quickly controlled by transfer factor, or it can be used as oral cimetidine.
04 Although herpes zoster is a skin disease, the damage to the patient's body is particularly large. Secondly, if you have this disease, you must treat it as soon as possible.