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Nervous dermatitis fumigation and nursed back to health

01 1 Scientific research shows that this neurodermatitis is related to mental factors. In the case of mental instability and high mood swings, it is easy to cause neurodermatitis. In addition to this, there are some skin-sensitive, allergic constitutions.
02 2 In the early stage, it is a symptom that is easy to itch. Others are that most people are on both sides of the neck, and there are dermatitis symptoms in the common affected parts such as the item, elbow, armpit, appendix, wrist, and ankle.
03 3 Chinese medicine conditioning depends on the medicated bath, smoked Ai can play some effects, or relieve or cure. But according to the degree of difference will have some different reactions. Some special people themselves can not smoke because of other factors
04 Ai Ye is a good thing. It can be smoked and bathed. It can not only treat conditioning neurodermatitis, but also other therapeutic effects. It can be basically based on time. Basically, you can pay attention to your emotions. Do not scratch your affected area with your hands. The medicated bath can be fumigated.