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How to treat athlete's foot peeling erosion

01 1 patients who have athlete's foot must be treated in time, you can use some anti-bacterial drugs, heat and dampness, pay attention to adhere to the use of drugs. Smashed feet to keep clean, not to be infected by bacteria.
02 2 Wash your hands frequently, usually have more sun and sun. The fungus is most afraid of dryness and sunlight. Wash your feet when you wash your feet. Wash your toes and the bacteria are most likely to remain and reproduce in the toes.
03 3 When treating athlete's foot, do not mix hygiene products with others, do not wear other people's shoes, prevent infections to others, and prevent cross-infection with bacteria on others. Continuous medication can effectively sterilize.
04 It is best to use hot water to soak your feet every day. It promotes blood circulation and reduces bacteria in the feet.