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Treatment of herpes zoster in the elderly

01 1 The elderly will of course also have herpes zoster. If the elderly suffer from herpes zoster, they need to go to the hospital for examination. The general hospital will first give some anti-virus drugs. There are some commonly used anti-viral drugs.
02 2 If you say that the elderly herpes zoster is more serious, chickenpox is more rampant, and there will be painful feelings, then in addition to taking antiviral drugs, you need to take some painkillers. If the body is
03 3 In addition, there are some physical therapy in medicine, that is, ultraviolet therapy. This method mainly uses ultraviolet rays to illuminate the skin with herpes zoster, and then it can promote dry skin and speed up crusting.
04 In addition, after suffering from herpes zoster in the elderly, try to eat lighter in the diet, you can add some foods that can detoxify, such as lily, lotus seeds, etc. You can also go to the community or park after a meal.