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What is going on in the middle of the night?

01 1 After the male has got frequent urination, the number of times he goes to the toilet every day will increase many times. Every day, he will go to the toilet frequently. When he is talking to people in public, he has to go to the toilet immediately, but he will come back.
02 2 There is also a female patient who finds that the current urinary frequency may cause endocrine disorders. After endocrine disorders, the patient will feel neurasthenia, weakness, no spirit, no spirit, no work, no life, no life, no life
03 3 If a male patient has frequent urination for a long time, if he does not treat it, there may be symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation. This is because the frequency of urinary itself makes people feel very annoying and upset, so that during the process of making love, it is very
04 Patients with frequent urination should pay attention to their bodies in daily life, but we should prescribe the right medicine according to the reasons of frequent urination. Do not eat some medicines casually, so as to avoid terrible consequences, and even cause many symptoms. Patients with frequent urination should strengthen physical education.