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Which season is the treatment of ichthyosis?

01 1 During the treatment, we must choose the treatment for the season. For example, our patients should be treated in the summer, because this is the lighter season of ichthyosis, and it is easier to treat.
02 2 Chinese medicine treatment has many advantages. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is used to treat new sputum, emollient skin, improve blood microcirculation system, strengthen skin metabolism and regulate human immune function. Don't be angry and lose temper.
03 3 patients with ichthyosis should pay attention to the usual eating habits, pay attention to reasonable mix, do not eat your food, do not contaminate tobacco and other bad habits, drink plenty of water, media about 6-8 cups, exercise more, eat more fresh
04 Ichthyosis can be transmitted through viral infections and wound infections. Therefore, if you do not want to be troubled by ichthyosis, you should avoid scratches, cuts and infections in your life. Patients with ichthyosis should pay more attention.