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Will genital herpes patients have psychological shadows?

01 1 Note that dietary taboo is a key link. On weekdays, patients should pay attention to eating more protein and vitamin foods to improve their immune and disease resistance, which can help the disease to recover. Fresh fruits and vegetables and milk,
02 2 In the treatment of genital genital herpes, not only the drug treatment, but also the psychological and mental treatment of the patient. The family or medical staff should communicate with the patient in time to relieve their psychological stress and eliminate
03 3 Regardless of the treatment used to treat primary genital herpes, patients should face with a positive attitude. As long as the treatment process is standardized, and the positive cooperation in daily life care, basically can be
04 In general, suffering from genital herpes will bring a lot of harm to patients. This kind of harm is not only physiologically but also psychologically. Negative effects will cause many adverse effects on patients. In daily life.