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Is there any other way to spread AIDS?

01 1 The transmission of AIDS is generally divided into the following categories, in addition to sexual communication and blood transmission and mother-to-child transmission and the sharing of needles. The possibility of transmitting HIV through saliva is very small, but it is not said to be no, for example.
02 2 patients usually need to add more vitamins and other foods, such as green peppers, oranges, green cauliflower, spinach, vitamin C and hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios with more vitamin E food. Meat fish also eat properly
03 3 While the patient is being treated, he should take care of him in life, add clothes and the like in time, and take precautions to prevent colds and fevers. Properly go slowly in the hospital, wash hands and change clothes, keep your body dry.
04 When patients are being treated, it is worth noting that they have to avoid sexual life. When they are in contact with family members, they should do disinfection work. Especially if they have children, it is best to isolate them.