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What are the complications of condyloma acuminatum?

01 1 Symptoms of Condyloma Acuminata If the patient does not have effective treatment and control in time after the attack, the symptoms of condyloma acuminata may be more serious complications. Severe complications may result in the life of the patient.
02 2 The complications of condyloma acuminata first have ulcers, hemorrhage, ulceration and swelling, etc. Secondly, there may be cases of infection to the baby. If the treatment is not timely or repeated symptoms of condyloma acuminata, there may be other body
03 3 The most serious complication of condyloma acuminata is cancer. Long-term can not make the symptoms of genital warts get good treatment and control, or the symptoms of genital warts have been repeated. Then the situation is the most prone to sharp
04 Therefore, after the symptoms of genital warts occur, patients must promptly use targeted drugs or methods for timely and effective treatment. In order to avoid more serious diseases.