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Can eggplant cure dermatitis?

01 1 According to the current understanding of neurodermatitis, there are different reasons for the symptoms of neurodermatitis in patients, so for different neurodermatitis, the treatment is not the same, so it is not
02 2 In combination with past experience, it is true that some patients are improved by eggplant when they have symptoms of neurodermatitis. Specifically, after the eggplant is cut, the inside of the eggplant is used to rub the patient.
03 3 However, it is necessary to remind patients that because many neurodermatitis has certain skin damage, when it is treated with eggplant, it is likely to cause more serious damage to the skin of the patient.
04 Patients with neurodermatitis need to undergo appropriate exercise in addition to medication. Such exercise can help to adjust the patient's nervous mood so as to help properly improve the patient's condition.