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The reason why men do not ejaculate

01 1 In real life, some men do not ejaculate in the same room, but they can ejaculate when they masturbate, and even some may have spermatorrhea when they are asleep. This is because of lack of sexual knowledge, to the glans
02 2 There are still male friends who are very busy at work, have a lot of pressure, or often need to go out to socialize, and there is no regular life, which leads to a bad mental state. In the same room, they often fail to do so. This mental ejaculation is about the same.
03 3 Another part of men who do not ejaculate is due to congenital dysplasia or acquired atrophy of the testicle, or some male diseases such as prostatitis, urethritis, etc. In this case, the patient should go to the regular hospital for timely examination and carry out the needle.
04 There are many reasons why men do not ejaculate because of mental reasons, so adjust your mood.