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How to treat alopecia areata quickly

01 1 In fact, our teacher told us before. Hair growth takes time, so it takes a while for the drug to take effect. If you take it, you usually take some Chinese medicine, such as kidney.
02 2 For patients who use minoxidil solution, it is necessary to pay attention to it. If it is not used before, if the concentration of the first use is relatively high, there may be a madness in the month after the start of use.
03 3 In fact, patients with alopecia areata can try to eat some Chinese medicine. It is best to eat with the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Previously my grandmother said, in fact, black sesame seeds have certain benefits for hair loss.
04 Alopecia areata patients still have to pay attention to the quality of life of individuals. In fact, many girls lose weight, do not eat, there will be hair loss phenomenon, keep a happy mood, have a good habit.