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How to get vitiligo treatment?

01 1 External use of drugs: There are many drugs on the market that are diluted and eliminated. Just like our usual small bumps and small bumps, if we are afraid of leaving a seal, we will choose the right drugs to fade. After a long period of treatment and cooperation,
02 2 Autologous epidermal graft: transplant normal skin to the white spot, just like when we usually see other people's burns, it is to transplant good skin to the bad place, and good skin will grow again.
03 3 Covering method: Using masking cosmetics can make the skin appear more uniform color, but cosmetics are a temporary cover, it is impossible to continue for a long time, just like the usual use of cosmetics.
04 After discovering that there is a white spot, it may be necessary to go to the hospital for treatment after a vitiligo. After a long time, many parts of the body will spread.