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How to prevent male foreskin phimosis

01 1 During the operation of circumcision for circumcision, care must be taken not to infect the wound. It should be noted that warming water can be used to clean the penis 3 days before the operation to prevent bleeding and inflammation after penile erection.
02 2 We must choose the most effective method in the prevention of foreskin phimosis. The use of circumcision surgery is very beneficial for the treatment of foreskin phimosis, and it will not recur after surgery. We can rest assured.
03 3 In the prevention of foreskin phimosis, we must promptly prevent the foreskin phimosis. We must do a good job of penis care before entering the job. Pay attention to the cleansing of the penis because the foreskin cannot be turned up normally, so do not forcibly flip the foreskin.
04 The penis is the most important reproductive organ in men. It is also very strict with the foreskin phimosis. Men should immediately get the hospital to receive regular treatment. Don't be ashamed to face the privacy. Early treatment can restore health.