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Can genital herpes give breastfeeding to your baby?

01 1 Genital herpes is caused by hereditary herpes simplex virus, often repeated episodes, which can be transmitted to the child through the placenta or during childbirth. The infection between people is mainly through sexual contact, so protect yourself.
02 2 The virus will not spread through breast milk, so don't worry about breastfeeding affecting children, but the children's supplies need to be separated from the mother to prevent infection due to other contacts. Children's toys and other contact products are best.
03 3 Since genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, even if other information is not mentioned, most people should know how to prevent the occurrence of this disease. In addition to anti-viral treatment, it also requires major psychological effects.
04 Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is not transmitted to the child through breast milk. Therefore, the sick mother can breastfeed with confidence and the disease is chronic. It is necessary to maintain a good mentality and active treatment.