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How much is the foreskin surgery?

01 1 According to the current understanding, under normal circumstances, when men are undergoing surgical resection of the foreskin, the price is generally not too expensive, usually between 500-1500 surgery costs, so
02 2 However, the point that needs to be added is that because the equipment of each hospital is different, the condition of the patient's foreskin is too long, the price of different operation will change, but the price of general foreskin surgery is around 1000.
03 3 Finally, the patient is reminded that when performing prepuce surgery, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of a regular hospital so that the clinic may be cheap, but the safety guarantee is not as good as a big hospital.
04 Remind all patients who have undergone men's foreskin surgery that it is necessary to be able to have sex during the recovery period after circumcision. If you have sex, it will slow down the recovery.