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What are the precautions after balanitis treatment?

01 1 pay attention to diet, avoid spicy food; remove the stimulating factors, usually pay attention to cleaning, change underwear frequently; if there is a patient with too long prepuce, after the treatment of foreskin balanitis, circumcision should be performed to avoid recurrence of inflammation.
02 2 Foreskin balanitis caused by unclean sexual contact, it is necessary to avoid the recurrence of such conditions. When you have sex, wear a condom to avoid the inflammation of the foreskin balanitis.
03 3 The most common cause of balanitis is that the foreskin is too long. After many men have undergone circumcision, the symptoms of balanitis are obviously relieved or may be healed. However, because the glans are sensitive, it is necessary after early rehabilitation.
04 Balanitis should pay attention to diet during treatment.