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How to treat white epilepsy

01 1 After the symptoms of vitiligo, you can use methicillin and then irradiate ultraviolet rays to treat. Pay attention to add a lot of vitamins, including vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin P, etc., so that you can have better.
02 2 can also be treated with copper sulphate solution and immunomodulator. The commonly used drugs are levamisole. In addition to these internal drugs, some topical drugs can also be used for treatment. For example, nitrogen mustard alcohol, phenol, etc.
03 3 If the symptoms of vitiligo get better stability, the existing leukoplakia will not continue to expand, then you can use the method of skin grafting to treat. This will allow the leukoplakia to be thoroughly treated. The effect of treatment
04 The symptoms of vitiligo are very cumbersome to treat. It is necessary to rely on a comprehensive approach to treatment, in order to have a better therapeutic effect. A single drug or method of treatment will not be ideal.