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Premature ejaculation where to treat

01 1 In fact, the best way to treat premature ejaculation is psychological counseling. Not only do you have to learn to divert attention, but your partner should also encourage men in time. Don’t lose confidence and help them because of accidental premature ejaculation.
02 2 In addition, patients can also do some physical exercise according to their own situation, such as swimming, weightlifting, mountain climbing, Tai Chi, yoga, jogging and other aerobic activities, which can enhance physical strength and transfer their attention and reduce
03 3 In addition to the above methods, patients can also relieve premature ejaculation through food conditioning, such as eating more leek, eggs, fish, shrimp, milk, lamb and other foods containing protein and vitamins. Drink less carbonated drinks, strong tea
04 In fact, as long as the premature ejaculation is not caused by pathological reasons, it is possible to do some trial treatment through some of the above suggestions and methods, or go to the hospital to pass the examination, it can also relieve premature ejaculation.