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What should I do if I have a condyloma?

01 1 directly destroy and remove the condyloma acuminata tissue, can be treated with topical drugs or using freezing, laser, microwave, photodynamic therapy.
02 2 Repeated medication, etc., rubbing the condyloma acuminata to damage and damage the epidermis, so that the human papillomavirus (HPV) antigen in the epidermis is exposed to the immune system in the dermis, thereby establishing and exerting a complete immune function to remove the sputum tissue.
03 3 Improve the patient's systemic and local immunity, improve the patient's ability to resist HPV infection, the method used is systemic or local immunotherapy and other internal drug therapy.
04 4 In short, the current treatment of condyloma acuminata is still the main treatment for the direct removal of condyloma acuminatum by external therapy. Other therapies are auxiliary treatment methods.
05 Sexual behavior should be avoided during illness and treatment, and condoms should be used for sexual activity within 6 months after treatment.