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Is male gonorrhea contagious?

01 1 suffering from male gonorrhea, the disease is actually contagious, and the degree of infection is also very high, patients must be careful not to transmit this disease to others, every time you use something you do not want to follow others
02 2 When you find that you have a gonorrhea, you must give yourself more confidence and encouragement. You should give yourself more patience in your life. You should take the medicine on time. In life, patients and friends must develop a good eating habit.
03 3 Male friends must pay attention to life, give yourself more time, do not let yourself become more anxious and troubled in life. During this period of illness, patients should transfer their attention, through some, participate in foreign activities
04 Male friends can easily feel very inferior because of this disease in their lives. This is very important for family and friends to give them more in life. It is very important to care for them. They can't laugh at them.