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What should I pay attention to in daily care of psoriasis?

01 1 Many diseases are caused by people's life pressure, and there is irregular life, often staying up late. Psoriasis patients can not eat spicy and stimulating food, these are easy to get angry, cause inflammation, and will cure
02 2 The affected area of ​​psoriasis should be kept dry, so the indoor and living environment should be ventilated frequently. When the seasons alternate, be sure to keep warm and avoid the disease such as a cold, which will aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis. At the same time, if you want to eat some drugs
03 3 After the psoriasis may be particularly itchy, do not catch, you must control yourself, if you break the infection, it will be more difficult to treat. If the performance of psoriasis has disappeared, this time can not
04 Women with psoriasis may have aggravated conditions if they develop endocrine disorders or become pregnant.