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What to add when washing your hair makes the scalp not itchy

01 1 First: Commonly used drugs are: internal medicine, vitamin B12 vitamin B2, niacin, multivitamin B and vitamin B6. Topical Chinese medicine, Yizhi Ning, can be used with VB2 and white chrysanthemum to improve the curative effect.
02 2nd: Regularly wash your hair with warm water. Under normal circumstances, wash once a week, and wash it once every 3 to 4 days. Do not use too much alkaline soap when washing your hair, because alkaline soap will stimulate the scalp epithelium.
03 3 Third: Choosing the right drug lotion is one of the effective ways to treat dandruff. If you have tried various methods, there is still no effect, it indicates that the scalp is infected by Bacillus sphaericus and is already sick.