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Skin itching solution

01 1 Xiao Liu's blister on the arm is transparent, it looks like a blisters. This symptom is similar to eczema. I told Xiao Liu that after going home, you must remember to keep the air in your home dry, most
02 2 At home, it is best not to put wet objects, for example, do not put humidifiers in the house, do not basine water in the house, and the balcony is less, because the balcony raises flowers, the air is good, but it is damp. I suggest small
03 3 And when the air conditioner is turned on, be sure to clean the body after the bath is finished before you can go to the air conditioner or the fan. Otherwise, it may cause the fire in the body, which may lead to the appearance of wet diagnosis. It is best to wash.