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Does genital herpes cause fetal malformations?

01 1 If pregnant women are accidentally infected with symptoms of genital herpes, then there may be cases of fetal malformation. So be careful. Don't have unclean sexual life, usually in normal times.
02 2 The virus of genital herpes is a kind of serious injury to the normal development of the fetus. Pregnant women who have symptoms of genital herpes after infection, if there are signs of fetal malformation, then to induce labor. Otherwise, the baby is born
03 3 The symptoms of genital herpes If it occurs before pregnancy, then the patient must be completely cured after the symptoms of genital herpes, in order to normal pregnancy, and also to stop the drug for a period of time. This can prevent the drug from being very bad for the fetus.
04 The symptoms of genital herpes are serious diseases of pregnant women and the fetus. Therefore, it is necessary to actively prevent the genital herpes before it occurs. Do not carry out unclean sexual life, fixed sexual partners.