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The reason why the genital warts have changed quickly

01 1 After the symptoms of genital warts are infected, the patient's symptoms change rapidly, mainly because the patient's body resistance is insufficient, or there is a direct relationship between the effective treatment. The symptoms of genital warts are usually about three months.
02 2 If the patient's body resistance is insufficient, in this case, it is easier for the virus of the genital warts to develop faster, resulting in a more serious condition of the patient's body. It may also be that after the onset, the patient does not know enough, leading to treatment.
03 3 Therefore, after the patient's body has genital warts, it is necessary to use drugs and other methods for treatment. If the effect is not good, use physical methods to assist the treatment. The larger volume of condyloma can also be used for surgery.
04 In addition to this, we must pay attention to the prevention of condyloma acuminata, the patient's clothing and other daily necessities should be disinfected in a timely manner, do not have sex before the cure.