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How to treat herpes simplex

01 1 first: herpetic keratitis conjunctivitis, available 0.1% herpes net eye drops, 1% acyclovir eye drops and 0.1% ribavirin eye drops, 1 time / 2 hours. Recurrent patients, available 3
02 2nd: Local treatment to astringent, dry, prevent secondary infections. Topical 3% agmatine cream, 3% acyclovir eye ointment and 2% methyl violet solution topically applied, 3 or 4
03 3 third: systemic treatment, oral nucleoside antiviral drugs can be selected for oral treatment. In addition to nucleoside antiviral drugs, non-nucleoside antiviral drugs can also be used, such as ribavirin, isoproterenol, poly