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Can the early gonorrhea be cured?

01 1 Generally, patients with gonorrhea are mainly caused by sexual life. Therefore, early gonorrhea can be controlled by effective methods to achieve an effective cure, so patients do not have to worry too much about early inspections.
02 2 Because the early gonorrhea is not very serious, it can be cured by the method of medicine. Generally, azithromycin can be taken orally, and it can also be treated by intravenous injection. Generally, ceftriaxone sodium and other drugs are used to achieve an effective recovery.
03 3 Patients with early gonorrhea should be controlled in time to achieve a cure, and at the same time, they need to pay more attention to maintain a clean sex life after the cure, avoiding the cause of gonorrhea due to their own reasons, affecting their body.
04 The patient maintains a good life, thus achieving an effect of improving his own resistance and immunity, and also avoiding the occurrence of his own disease and affecting his own health due to bad sexual life.