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Herpes zoster diet contraindications

01 1 According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, herpes zoster usually refers to the body's damp heat is relatively heavy, so in daily life, do not eat some fat meat and some sugary food, this food will increase the body's moisture will
02 2 Patients with herpes zoster usually have symptoms of rash and rash. Patients should not eat some foods that are easy to get angry. Foods that are easy to get angry will aggravate the symptoms of rash, so the most common foods that are easy to get angry are mangoes.
03 3 Herpes zoster is usually treated in combination at the time of treatment. Acyclovir is generally used in clinical practice, and then the patient is directly injected with some transfer factor. This treatment is a classic.
04 Patients with herpes zoster can eat more high-protein easily digestible foods, these foods can mainly enhance the body's physical fitness, but must not eat some spicy and irritating foods, these foods will aggravate the condition.