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Have you got a white wind to eat crabs?

01 1 got a vitiligo actually recommended that it is best to eat less or not eat crabs, although the crab is delicious and rich in nutrients, but some people with vitiligo eat crabs such as seafood has expanded symptoms, or itching. If you have to
02 2 Patients with vitiligo need to eat more fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, and need to add more chlorophyll. The diet needs to be light and nutritious. Patients can eat more pig liver and eat fresh lean meat, but pay attention to cattle.
03 3 People who suffer from vitiligo can relieve their condition through diet therapy. Patients with vitiligo can eat glutinous cakes. Patients need to prepare fresh buds and then prepare some flour. Use buds and flour to make cakes, or do
04 Cherry and tomato are not to be eaten by vitiligo patients. Cherries and tomatoes contain rich vitamin C. During the metabolism of melanin, the production of melanin is interrupted, and the condition of vitiligo is aggravated.