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What is mumps complicated with orchitis?

01 1 Mumps and orchitis are very common diseases in life. If you have mumps without timely and effective treatment, it is easy to cause orchitis, mainly because the mumps virus is infected with the testicles. It is best to go to the formal
02 2 Like this virus-infected disease, it is easy to be invaded by the virus because of its low immunity. It also has a lot to do with the usual habits and eating habits. It is best to go to the hospital to check clearly to find the cause and then symptomatic treatment.
03 3 Generally, some anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-viral infection drugs can be used to control the treatment. The recurrence rate of this infectious disease is particularly high. In addition to taking the medicine on time and actively cooperating with the doctor's treatment, it is best to insist on exercising.
04 During the treatment, pay attention to rest, can not do vigorous exercise to avoid aggravating the symptoms of testicular pain, drink plenty of water to eat more fruits and vegetables, do not urinate, it is best to prohibit sex to avoid testicular congestion and aggravate symptoms.