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Psoriasis will be good fast

01 1 First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the exercise. The weather is cold. Those who have psoriasis have less exercise. Staying in the room all day, the air is not flowing, and it is dry, it will cause psoriasis to attack. It is necessary to cure the psoriasis in the summer.
02 2 Secondly, you can't drink alcohol. Some psoriasis patients like to drink a little wine when they are eating. In winter, they prefer to drink alcohol. Some people like spicy food. These irritating foods can cause psoriasis.
03 3 Secondly, it is more sweaty. In winter, there is less sweating. If you don't sweat, your pores will be blocked. In winter, the number of baths will be less. The dirt can't be washed off. This is also the reason for the recurrence of psoriasis.
04 Psoriasis should pay attention to cold protection, do not catch a cold. Winter cold is a very common thing, cold caused by bronchial infection, will also cause psoriasis, enhance physical fitness, increase resistance.