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How to do with frequent urination and nocturia?

01 1 First, we must control the diet, avoid excessive eating of acidic foods, increase the acidity. Always exercise outdoors, sweat more, excrete acidic substances. Breathe fresh air, reduce the incidence of disease. Keep
02 2 Second, if you get this disease, it is impossible to rely on diet and daily conditioning, but also to treat drugs. We must actively go to the hospital for medical treatment, do not be afraid of shame. You can use the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine for treatment, Chinese medicine
03 3 Third, we should pay attention to our eating habits. Usually do not eat spicy things, do not smoke or drink, we must strictly control, can not have a slight foul, do not smoke a cigarette, do not touch a drop of wine, eat more crude fiber food
04 Frequent urination, nocturia and more dreams. The disease is in the reproductive area of ​​people. Many people who have this disease are very reluctant to let people know. They feel very embarrassing, so patients should let go of this mentality and actively go to the face.