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What if you are depressed?

Depression is a common occurrence in our life. Once something bothers us, there will be depression, but it usually occurs in introverted people who do not like to communicate with others. In fact, there are many such people. Don't underestimate depression. In fact, depression is also a mental illness. Frequent depression can lead to mental stress and mental health problems. So we must pay attention to depression. Now let me talk about what we should do once we are depressed.
In fact, everyone has their own way of life. If you are often depressed, I guess you don't like to communicate with others. So when communicating, it's a good way to treat depression. You can choose to talk with your parents. If you think your parents are unreliable and your friends don't want to talk, then I suggest you communicate with your online friends, because online communication can freely express your own psychological words without face-to-face conversation. Of course, I recommend you to communicate with people in real life. So your depression will get better and faster.
Do you often stay alone, do not participate in activities organized by the school company, hate the lively? Actually, if you want to take depression away from you, you can choose to take part in more outdoor activities. Don't always feel that you can't be integrated into the activities. Taking part in more activities can not only help you cure your depression, but also make you feel comfortable.
Self-confidence, most people suffering from depression are mostly due to lack of self-confidence, always feel that they do not do well, unwilling to face people and the world, so they are the good medicine to solve depression. You can look in the mirror every day and encourage yourself to say that I'm really great. Give yourself a little confidence every day and your depression will soon disappear.
Matters needing attention:
1. Communicate with more people. 2. Take part in outdoor activities. 2 confidence.